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The Natural Hair Journey Top 5 Most-Asked Question

The Natural Hair Journey Top 5 Most-Asked Question

This book was inspired by people that I have met riding on public transportation, standing in checkout lines, in beauty supplies and grocery stores, etc… who either noticed my hair or I theirs and a conversation about natural hair was sparked. It is a condensed version of those conversations focusing on the most common asked questions and shared answers about hair care and the natural hair journey.
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    The Top 5 Most-Asked Questions being...

    1. How Do I Get My Hair to Do That?
    2. How Do I Keep My Hair Moisturized?
    3. How Do I Get My Hair to Grow?
    4. How Do I Avoid Being a Product Junkie?
    5. How Do I Make My Own Products?

    Excerpt of foreword written by Natural Hair Care Pioneer, Marci Walker of Madam Walker's Braids & Lockery ...

    "...One of the most valuable things about this book is that it’s more than a book; it’s an experience in learning, sharing and communicating. As a practicing Natural Hair Care Stylist, certified in Maryland, Laquita has the experience and background to speak with authority on natural hair care and products. She has the educational know-how to do what this book is all about - knowing, loving and embracing your natural SELF inside and out."
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